Why Carpathian Shepherd Dog

30TH August 2008
Author: Dr. Horatiu Stan

carpatini la serviciu

Because it is a special race! Rustic dog , medium-sized to large, measuring 65-73 cm at the withers males, and females 59-67 cm.

As general appearance is a relatively large-sized dog, agile, vigorous dog, but never heavy.

These features are doubtless, given his membership to the wolf-like group of dogs. Wolf-like color, grey, it gives him a special charm. He is not a dog to jump into your eyes at an exposition, but if you look at him, for the price of a few moments, then you feel the need to look at him again and eventually, he will conquer you definitively.

Innate guard and brave dog, he distinguishes himself by attachment instinctively, unconditionally, to the herds and its master. It is a dog with a dignified behavior, calm and balanced. Native intelligence allows him to quickly understand what it's asked to do. His eyes are almond-shaped, gently sloping, not too high in relation to the size of the skull with dark brown color. They are the eyes of a friend of a trusted partner when he looks at his master. When eyes are fixed on the enemy, is mane raise up, his body tightens, and lowers its head slightly to the ground, snarl and shows its teeth... Seems hard to believe, but these dogs feel debt is stronger even than the instinct of preservation.

Not too big ears, triangular, positioned upper then the sides of the eyes, well attached to the cheeks, give the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd a gentle, and quiet look. With the exception of the head and front limbs, where hair is short and flat, coat is abundant throughout the body, at an appropriate length. During the winter, the robe is abundant to protect him from the harsh cold of the mountains. Regardless of the temperature outside, it will never need to bring him in the house. In the summer, with the coming of warm days, the fur will gradually rarefy, so that this dog bears the sunny days. Undoubtedly, this dog is most adapted to environmental conditions in our country.

On the neck, on the back of the limbs and tail, the hair is longer, abundance in these regions is typical. The longer hair on the back side of the limbs is called "Panase"(from french "panache"). The dark mask gives a little bit toughness, more seriousness. A small white stain around muzzle suddenly brightens the appearance.

It is a dog of endurance, with quick recovery. Even if a dog is dynamic, doesn't wastes energy, well-dosing actions more effectively. For his height and weight, requires a relatively small amount of food. There will never be a trifle at the menu, happy eating what he receives. He loves freedom, open spaces, nature. He is sociable, seeking company at the big and the small members of the family, later allowing them to pull his tail and ears. The best thing he can receive is al gentle stroking from its master.

None the less the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd is a national symbol, one of the Romanian "products" of exception with which we can pride ourselves in any European or world symphony.

Dr. Horatiu Stan,

Translated by Alexandru Barsanu
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