The TRAINING of Carpathian Shepherd Dog

11th August 2008
Author: Dr. Horatiu Stan

Horaţiu Stan: Mr. Ciprian Cordoş, you are one of the best well-known dog trainers in Romania, especially appreciated by the owners of the dogs you trained, but also at the Dog Training Club in Romania/Clubul de Dresaj Canin. When did this passion started?
Ciprian Cordoş: I perseveringly train dogs for 10 years. I am founder of the Dog Training Club, Instructor attested by the Romanian Canine Association, Decoy (man of attack) Specialist in IPO, Decoy (man of attack) Specialist in Mondioring.

– HS: What can you tell us about the Carpathian Shepherd Dog?
– CC: Hm…it's a beautiful dog, robust, resistant at effort, pretty stubborn. It has o strong character, independent, often dominant. Guarding instinct, innate, very well developed. Loves movement and needs space.

– HS: So it isn't an apartment dog?
– CC: Certainly not! It's a very good companion, attached to the family, but not very sociable, manifesting restraint toward strangers. It is hard to gain its confidence and friendship.

– HS: This is the dog… How about its owner?
– CC: Ha, ha… More stubborn than the carpathian! He must have a lot of energy, otherwise he won't dominate the dog! – HS: Which are the suitable methods to train a carpathian?

– CC: Verbal rewards can be used, petting and food. Has a reduced hunting instinct, so he has to little interest in toys, balls etc. He responds very well to commands, having an average learning capacity. In fact this is the impression it gives you, because, let's not forget, he is a tenacious stubborn. But in the end …

– HS: I know there are other types of training …
– CC: Yes. For the carpathian the best training is discipline and guard training. Not suitable for him are, agility, rescue, hunting, mondioring or IPO. For the last two, a firm bite is necessary. The dog stays there, not letting go … The carpathian is a rustic dog, and is has a similar tactic to the wolf: it bites, it tears then it falls back, preparing itself for a new attack. In nature it's a good tactic but the competitions have their own rules….

– HS: can any dog be trained?
– CC: Yes. They can be trained and it's good for a dog to know the minimum of commands. A discipline training starts at 5-6 months. The dog learns to walk in leash in step!, the interdiction command no!, also the others sit, down, wait, here!, free!. For guarding the training starts at one year. He can do territory or objective guarding responding to commands attack!, let go! , here!. We must not forget the powerful guarding instinct the carpathian has! From this point of view, the gender of the dog is not important.

– HS: What do we do until 5 months?
– CC: A lot, because it is a very important period. The dog has to be socialized, to be used to humans, traffic, other dogs, buildings, different environments. Anything that is new can be used to get a well-balanced character.

– HS: When will we see a training demonstration with a carpathian shepherd?
– Ciprian Cordos: I am now preparing an 8 month old puppy, I hope to be able to present her to the Shepherd National Championship, Braşov, 12.10.2008 and certainly, at Cluj in 16.11.2008 with the occasion of C.A.C.Derby-TC-Top Ten.
– Horatiu Stan: Best of luck, and thank you for your amiability.

Author: Dr. Horatiu Stan

Note: The first training demonstration with a carpathian shepherd dog you can see it HERE
Instructor: Ciprian Cordos
Dog: a young female named- Ghionoaia a lu' Voarea.
Owner: Stan Horatiu and Barbur Doru

Translated by Alexandru Barzanu
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