An interview with Mr.Banc Ionas who is a Carpathian shepherd dog breeder, "De Pe Somes" Kennel

carpatini la oi

Butisca Alin: Glad to see you, Mr. Banc Ionas. I'll begin by thanking you for your kindness of giving us an interview. How long do you know The Carpathian Dog?
Banc Ionas: I know this breed for about 25 years. For 12 years I am an owner and a breeder of Carpathian dog and I don't regret my choise, on the contrary, I think that I've made the best choise.

Butisca Alin: Since you are an owner and a breeder of this type of dog, if you were asked to describe the Carpathian Dog in a few words, how would you do it?
Banc Ionas: The Carpathian Dog is a very stout, fearless, active, devoted to its master and heedful dog. It is very good for guarding the herds and individual farms.

Butisca Alin: Also, as a sheep owner, you certainly have and, of course, you had the opportunity to admire these dogs on work. Can you tell us a speciall story that points out these dogs' character or their typicall behaviour.
Banc Ionas: There are more stories. One winter, the wolves were attacking the sheep, organized in packs of 6-7 members.T he dogs were watching all night long, every day, being in a continuous alert as they felt the beasts.
It was useless to give them eat in the evening, because they refused. If I didn't give them food till 4 o'clock p.m., they didn't come to eat anymore, being preocupated to protect the herd and they remained hungry till the next day.
These dogs' sense of duty is more important than pain or sufferance. That winter a Carpathian female has been grabbed by wolves, being seriously wounded to its back foot, having a big hole in it, because of the wolves' bites, but even so, lame as it was, it was following the other dogs, doing her best in defending the herd.

Butisca Alin: Mr. Banc Ionas, can you tell me which is the difference between The Carpathian Shepherd Dog and other shepherd dogs?
Banc Ionas: Their great energy and sharpness of mind make them different from other dogs. And also because they have an excellent smell, they can feel the beast, at a great distance, having time to alert the other companions and prepaire together the defence technique. The Carpathian Shepherd Dogs works very well in a team.
It is a very brave, attentive, watchful and active dog. If it feels the beast's smell, refuses to sleep all night long.

Butisca Alin: Do the dogs resist when the bear attacks?
Banc Ionas: Yes, a team of 2-3 dogs can drive away the bear.
One autumn, I had the opportunity to see such a scene, when the plum-trees were full of fruits, and the bear went into the orchard, prompted by the fruit' fragrance, because the bear considers plums delicacies. The dogs surrounded the bear. They overthrew upon the bear and bited it fearless, by turns. The Carpathian Shepherd Dogs organizes very well even if they are alone and harasses the beast until it gives up and leaves.

Butisca Alin: Which is your advice for those who want a dog for guarding and also for defence?
Banc Ionas: I warmly recommend The Carpathian Shepherd Dog. Regarding the food it isn't pretentious, he gets used very well to any type of weather and it is merciless to the unknown people…the perfect guardian.

Butisca Alin: Mr. Banc Ionas, The Carpathian Shepherd Dog is a wolf-like dog. How can we see this dog's feature when it is "working"?
Banc Ionas: Because it is wolf-like, it isn't a slow dog, it's a quick-moving dog, it's smell is very subtle being an advantage for it…so it is more agile and shrewd.

Butisca Alin: Moreover, what can you tell us about the carpthian dog's character(nature)?
Banc Ionas: The Carpathian Shepherd Dog is a well-balanced dog, it loves children a lot, tolerating any stupind behaviour of them. The most important thing is that he never quit to its tasks. It is a dog that easily accustoms itself to any change or place. Even if in spring they go to the mountains, to protect the sheep, accompanied by unknown people, they never come back home, to their warm shelter, but they stay there doing their job, protecting the herd at the cost of their life.

Butisca Alin: Finally, Mr.Banc Ionas, the last question: How do you see The Carpathian Shepherd Dog in the future?
Banc Ionas: I see it in its deserved place, in the top of the shepherd dogs'pick/flower…

Butisca Alin: Mr.Banc Ionas, in the name of all those who love The Carpathian Shepherd Dog, I thank you for your politeness of giving us an interview. I hope that I succeded to bring this dog closer to the Romanian people' hearts.
Banc Ionas: With the greatest pleasure…!

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